Explore the most powerful, all-in-one ChatGPT copilot for the web.

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Google Doc

Type // to enjoy our AI assistance as you write on Google Docs.


Type // craft compelling emails and personalized replies.


Explore a more powerful Bing sidebar alternative for Chrome.

Search Engine

Find HIX.AI's comprehensive responses among typical search results.

Quick Lookup Bar

Select any text online to translate, rewrite, summarize, etc.

Social Media

Type // to compose concise yet powerful Twitter posts that trend.


Type // to create engaging captions for your Instagram posts.


Type // to draft interactive Facebook posts that engage your community.


Type // to provide valuable, upvoted answers on Quora.


Type // to craft Reddit posts that resonate with specific communities.


Summarize long YouTube videos with one click.


The Most Powerful, All-in-One ChatGPT Copilot for the Web

Install BrowserGPT to enjoy instant AI assistance for content writing, paraphrasing, grammar checking, and composing emails & replies - anytime and anywhere.

All-in-One ChatGPT Chrome Extension for the Web | BrowserGPT
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Type // to Rewrite, Translate or Improve Text

With BrowserGPT, every AI tool you rely upon stands ready to inspire & support you at any time, or any website, and within the tools you already use.

Type // to write and edit text, compose emails & replies,write social media posts & comments, and more.

BrowserGPT for Social Media

Type // to quickly write social media posts tailored to your message, generate on-point comments in a click to boost connections, get hashtag suggestions to increase visibility & traffic, and so much more.

BrowserGPT for Google Docs

Type // to enjoy a game-changing Google Docs experience - write in Docs just like using Notion AI!

  • Draft 0% plagiarism and fresh content in real-time and improve your SEO game.

  • Stuck halfway through your document? Let us help you by seamlessly continuing your content right where you left off.

  • Power Mode: Benefit from our unique 120 tools that will improve your content, fix typos, and catch grammatical errors in no time.

  • Chat Mode: Chat with our AI-powered assistant whenever you need answers or inspiration.

BrowserGPT for Email

Type // to craft catchy subject lines, engaging emails, and personalized replies in a flash, saving you hours of work.

BrowserGPT Quick Lookup Bar: Your Anytime, Anywhere AI Assistant

Select any text anywhere online, and our quick lookup bar is instantly ready to rewrite, summarize, or translate on the fly, no matter if you're on Google Docs, Twitter, Gmail, or any other webpages.

BrowserGPT for YouTube

BrowserGPT for YouTube

With a single click, you can get time-stamped and accurate summaries of YouTube videos. Save time, stay informed, and make every YouTube session more productive.

BrowserGPT Sidebar: A Handy Bing Sidebar Alternative

Enjoy a Bing sidebar-like experience on your Chrome browser, with instant access to our all-round writing assistance and HIX Chat, a more powerful ChatGPT alternative.

  • Accessible anywhere on Chrome via the sidebar icon and the shortcut Ctrl/Cmd + P.
  • Rewriter, summarizer, expander and 120+ other writing tools available.
  • Offer instant writing help on major social media and email services.
  • Integrated with HIX Chat, a versatile chatbot that knows up-to-date knowledge.

BrowserGPT for Search Engines

Obtain accurate answers to your queries quickly, just right within your search engine interface. They zero in on the information you need, without wasting your time on unrelated results.

  • Google


  • Bing


  • Yahoo Search

    Yahoo Search

  • DuckDuckGo


  • Naver


  • Baidu


  • Yandex


How to Put BrowserGPT to Work?

Here are 4 ways to use BrowserGPT.

How to Put BrowserGPT to Work?
  • Utilize the extension bar

    Install BrowserGPT and pin it for quick access in the extension bar. Enjoy easy, one-click access to all AI assistance.

  • Open the BrowserGPT sidebar

    Press CTRL (Windows) + P or Command (Mac) + P to open a sidebar with 120+ AI writing tools and chat support.

  • Access our quick lookup bar

    Type // or select any text in Google Docs, social media platforms, or Gmail to show an intuitive lookup bar. Write, enhance, summarize, and respond to any text on demand.

  • Click the floating BrowserGPT icon

    Quickly tap the BrowserGPT icon in the bottom-right corner to open the full sidebar, offering you quick and effortless access to HIX.AI AI writing tools and chat support.

Key Features

Key Features

Write everything at lightning-speed like

  • Blog posts, Google ads, landing pages, and other copies.
  • Social media posts and comments.
  • Emails & personalized replies.

Ask AI to

  • Answer questions on a wide range of topics.
  • Create content, improve writing, and provide personalized content suggestions.
  • Generate images that look natural and believable to humans.

Utilize quick lookup bar to instantly

Activate Sidebar to

  • Utilize 120 writing tools to craft good copy in record time.

  • Customize your output numbers, and tones of voice, and explore other advanced options to further refine your content.

  • Ask our AI anything and get answers in ChatGPT-like ways.

How Does BrowserGPT Shine?

  • Access 30 languages

    Generate original content or translate input text in up to 30 languages like English , Spanish , French , Chinese , Japanese , German , Italian , and more.

  • Powered by up-to-date sources

    Get content and insights based on the most recent industry trends, breakthrough ideas, research papers, etc.

  • Provide instant results

    In just seconds, generate a draft blog post, rewrite a paragraph, or get answers to complex questions.

  • Guarantee original copy

    Get 0% plagiarism copy based on your unique requirements. Sidestep potential Google duplicate content penalties.

Enjoy Premium AI at Budget-Friendly Prices

  • BrowserGPT Basic
    $ 7.99 USD/month
    10,000 words
    • Quick Lookup Bar
    • Chat with PDF
    • Chat with Webpage
    • YouTube Summarizer
    • AI Support on Gmail, Google Docs & Social Media
    • Convenient Sidebar
    • AI ChatBot
    • 120+ AI Writing Tools
    • 30+ Languages
  • Save 43%
    BrowserGPT Unlimited
    $ 39.99 USD/month
    Unlimited words/month
    Everything in Pro, plus
    • Unlimited Words for AI Writing Tools
    • Unlimited AI Chat Words
    • Unlimited Words for Quick Lookup
    • Unlimited Words for Sidebar
    • Unlimited Words for Gmail Extension
    • Unlimited Words for Google Docs Extension
    • Unlimited Words for Social Media Extension
    • Unlimited Words for YouTube Summarizer
  • BrowserGPT Pro
    $ 11.99 USD/month
    50,000 words
    • Quick Lookup Bar
    • Chat with PDF
    • Chat with Webpage
    • YouTube Summarizer
    • AI Support on Gmail, Google Docs & Social Media
    • Convenient Sidebar
    • AI ChatBot
    • 120+ AI Writing Tools
    • 30+ Languages

Why Choose BrowserGPT?

🚀 Lightning-speed ResultsCraft AI content in seconds
🤖 Sidebar for Added VersatilityAccess real-time AI assistant
🆕 Fresh Info SourcesGet up-to-date insights
✏️ Instant Text EditingCheck readability, grammar, and flows

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