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BrowserGPT for Facebook

BrowserGPT for Facebook

Type // to Write Like & Share-Worthy Facebook Posts, Comments & Stories in Mere Seconds

Type// to Instantly Write Posts and Comment on Facebook

No more fretting over what to post, what to say in a comment, or how to write the perfect story text on Facebook. Let BrowserGPT automate the process for you. Set up BrowserGPT for Facebook, and Type // to instantly obtain tailored Facebook content just with one click.

Type// to Generate <span class='text-[#00D3B6]'>Facebook Content</span> in a Blink

Type// to Generate Facebook Content in a Blink

  • Type // to generate compelling Facebook posts & story text in just a single click.

  • Select from 13 different tones to match your preferred style.

  • Use HIX.AI's full suite of AI writing tools to expand, shorten or refine it as needed.

Type// to Write <span class='text-[#00D3B6]'>Comments</span> to Engage Your Audience More Easily

Type// to Write Comments to Engage Your Audience More Easily

  • Type // to write comments that sound natural and relatable.

  • Generate suitable emojis to add an extra layer of emotion to your comments.

  • Foster a deeper connection with your audience.

Amplify Your Social Media Efforts with Auto-generated <span class='text-[#00D3B6]'>Hashtags</span>

Amplify Your Social Media Efforts with Auto-generated Hashtags

  • Get automatically suggested, popular hashtags to enhance your posts' visibility.

  • Stay on top of trending topics.

  • Gain extra likes, comments, and new followers.

How Our BrowserGPT for Facebook Works?

  • 1

    Install BrowserGPT for Facebook and pin it for easy, quick access.

  • 2

    Click the BrowserGPT icon below any Facebook input box or type // to activate our AI tool.

  • 3

    Have it generate a post or comment for you with just a click.

Enjoy Premium AI at Budget-Friendly Prices

  • BrowserGPT Basic
    $ 7.99 USD/month
    10,000 words
    • Quick Lookup Bar
    • Chat with PDF
    • Chat with Webpage
    • YouTube Summarizer
    • AI Support on Gmail, Google Docs & Social Media
    • Convenient Sidebar
    • AI ChatBot
    • 120+ AI Writing Tools
    • 30+ Languages
  • Save 43%
    BrowserGPT Unlimited
    $ 39.99 USD/month
    Unlimited words/month
    Everything in Pro, plus
    • Unlimited Words for AI Writing Tools
    • Unlimited AI Chat Words
    • Unlimited Words for Quick Lookup
    • Unlimited Words for Sidebar
    • Unlimited Words for Gmail Extension
    • Unlimited Words for Google Docs Extension
    • Unlimited Words for Social Media Extension
    • Unlimited Words for YouTube Summarizer
  • BrowserGPT Pro
    $ 11.99 USD/month
    50,000 words
    • Quick Lookup Bar
    • Chat with PDF
    • Chat with Webpage
    • YouTube Summarizer
    • AI Support on Gmail, Google Docs & Social Media
    • Convenient Sidebar
    • AI ChatBot
    • 120+ AI Writing Tools
    • 30+ Languages

Why Install BrowserGPT for Facebook?

🚀 Save timeWrite FB posts, comments in half the time
💅🏻 One-click solutionSimplify content generation process
💡 Instant inspirationGet post ideas & hashtag suggestions
📊 Boost visibility & trafficBoost visibility & traffic

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