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Summarize long YouTube videos with one click.

BrowserGPT for YouTube

BrowserGPT for YouTube

Summarize Long YouTube Videos With Just One Click

Introducing BrowserGPT for YouTube

Stop spending excessive time watching long YouTube videos! By installing BrowserGPT for YouTube, you can get an instant, time-stamped summary of any video with a single click. Transform the way you interact with YouTube videos now.

State-of-the-art <span class='text-[#00D3B6]'>Summarization Technology</span>

State-of-the-art Summarization Technology

  • Powered by the leading-edge AI models, GPT-3.5 and 4

  • Extracts key points accurately and precisely

  • No key information from your YouTube video slips through the cracks

<span class='text-[#00D3B6]'>Time-stamped</span> and <span class='text-[#00D3B6]'>Interactive</span> Summaries

Time-stamped and Interactive Summaries

  • Get short segment-wise, time-stamped summaries for each video

  • All summaries are linked with their respective time stamp. Just click to jump right to review the corresponding content

Instant <span class='text-[#00D3B6]'>Access</span> and Unrivaled <span class='text-[#00D3B6]'>Convenience</span>

Instant Access and Unrivaled Convenience

  • With just a single click of the button, you can receive a succinct summary of any long YouTube video you're watching

  • Integrated seamlessly into your YouTube platform, our extension is always accessible to help you summarize videos

Set Up BrowserGPT for YouTube

To summarize YouTube videos in a snap, simply:

  • 1

    Install BrowserGPT for YouTube

  • 2

    When you are on the YouTube video page, click the BrowserGPT's Summarize Video button.

  • 3

    Get top-notch summaries along with their timestamps.

Enjoy Premium AI at Budget-Friendly Prices

  • BrowserGPT Basic
    $ 7.99 USD/month
    10,000 words
    • Quick Lookup Bar
    • Chat with PDF
    • Chat with Webpage
    • YouTube Summarizer
    • AI Support on Gmail, Google Docs & Social Media
    • Convenient Sidebar
    • AI ChatBot
    • 120+ AI Writing Tools
    • 30+ Languages
  • Save 43%
    BrowserGPT Unlimited
    $ 39.99 USD/month
    Unlimited words/month
    Everything in Pro, plus
    • Unlimited Words for AI Writing Tools
    • Unlimited AI Chat Words
    • Unlimited Words for Quick Lookup
    • Unlimited Words for Sidebar
    • Unlimited Words for Gmail Extension
    • Unlimited Words for Google Docs Extension
    • Unlimited Words for Social Media Extension
    • Unlimited Words for YouTube Summarizer
  • BrowserGPT Pro
    $ 11.99 USD/month
    50,000 words
    • Quick Lookup Bar
    • Chat with PDF
    • Chat with Webpage
    • YouTube Summarizer
    • AI Support on Gmail, Google Docs & Social Media
    • Convenient Sidebar
    • AI ChatBot
    • 120+ AI Writing Tools
    • 30+ Languages

Why Choose BrowserGPT for YouTube?

👏 Always AccessibleSummarize right on your YouTube platform
😀 Time-SavingGet succinct summaries with one click
🎉 Key Points CapturedYou'll never miss any important info!
💪 GPT-3.5/4 SupportedAdvanced summarization technology

Reveal All Possibilities with BrowserGPT

Discover the unlimited potential of BrowserGPT across various platforms.

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Install BrowserGPT for YouTube Today!

With this extension, you can have a swift recap of an entire YouTube video with just one click. Transform your video-viewing experience today!